Saturday, 6 February 2010

Weigh in 2 (and 3)

This week I lost 2.8lbs. I was a little disappointed as this was 2 weeks worth of weigh in, but I know my ' girly' time is fast approaching so that's OK.

Start Weight 241.2lbs or 17st 3.2

Total loss 6.6lbs in 3 weeks

Current Weight 234.6lbs
16 st 10.6

I'm not disappointed with my over all loss, 2lb a week is good for me so a little ahead of that, probably though because of first week loss being higher.

I got a 5lb star both at my meeting and online - in the USA there are no silver 7s as they don't weigh in stone so it doesn't mean anything here. So the marker they use is every 5lbs. I'm halfway to my 5% goal of 12lbs.

Class was good today, mostly the atmosphere and banter was fun. We passed around a blob of fat (somehow preserved) that weighed 10lbs. It felt a lot heavier than expected. We talked about motivation and being in the right mindset, how to combat negative thoughts etc. It's a friendly group, with people wishing each other luck on the way out. Someone joked about setting up a deal with the neighboring nail salon as a reward for ever 10lbs or whatever.

By Saturday June 12th (end of school year) I would like to have lost 42lbs. That is 21 weeks (from my first weigh in) and 2lbs a week. Do you think this goal is too high or ok?

Today we thought about setting a date for a goal, to add to our motivation.

I have been trying to photograph my stickers each week at weigh in but it just isn't working. I will have to try and scan it maybe.


Anonymous said...

Your goal sounds great, I don't know if 2lb might be too hard or not really, see how it goes and don't be disappointed if you don't reach it. If I were you I'd put it into smaller chunks so what you want to lose by the end of each month? NOt sure if this comment is actually going to be any help!!

KJ said...

You are doing really well Kit! 2lbs per week si a good goal to hope for but some weeks it may be a little less thatn that, do not let that rile you! My weight loss at the meeting last week was .5lb hardly worth having but it was better than putting it on!! lol I must be the only member consistently gaining weight at our meeting. My heart wasn't in it and Christmas didn't help, then it was my birthday but now I have run out of excuses so I am getting on with it. So far so good this week - I have been ok since the meeting on Wednesday. Keep up the good work!!