Friday, 12 February 2010


I'm not sure why I am worried this week about weigh in. I have stuck to points but I have also used some of my weekly ooints allowance as a few naughty things have jumped into my mouth this week, like mini candy bars and cookies. I just don't feel confident. I have been to the gym twice - would have been three times but i forgot my lock for my locker.

I had my meeting with a personal trainer which was a lot about trying to sell me a personal trainer package which in no way can I afford. We mostly did stuff like push ups (I suck at those) and toning excercise, she took my body fat percentage which horrified me and I'm not even sure I want to post it on here. She talked to me about not eating carbs for the 4 hours leading up until bedtime becasue your body is winding down energy wise and just stores them as fat if you are not using any energy. This for me means 6pm and I don't usually eat dinner til 7. Maybe next week I will try thins. Not sure what I will eat after 6pm - carbs seems to be in everything including fruits and yogurt. Hmm, food for thought though. It makes sense to me that your body is not needing energy at this time of day if you are just home relaxing.

So will let you all know tomorrow how I get on. I hope it is better than I think.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember when we went for our gym induction in Pentwyn and they guy talked to us for an hour about his weird and wonderful diet and we didn't once look at the machines? Sounds like your personal trainer is similar! I would honestly JUST stick with WW, don't bother with the carbs thing too as probably won't work. Like the photo by the way.

Kit said...

I do remember that!