Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Header and Grocery Shop

I know! Two posts in one day. Go me!

Firstly I have been working all night on my header! It is made using a picture I took when at the beach this weekend.I felt it fitted the journey theme well, as i feel like I'm at the beginning of the bridge.

Also I finally got up off my butt to go to the grocery store. I felt inspired to go and started to remember meals I used to make, like pasta with Campbell's tomato soup! Sometimes dinner time is hard for me, my Hubby works in a performing arts theatre and so leaves for work around 5pm and comes home 10.30 onwards, so it is easy to be lazy and just eat rubbish for dinner. Not anymore!

I also bought these. I waste so much fruit and veg because it goes bad so fast. I'm hoping they work!


Anonymous said...

I just clicked onto your blog and my first thoughts were "its changed" and "ooooooooooooooh I like it" :o)

Anonymous said...

Another comment!

Please can you let me know what your WW user name is (as I've forgotten it) via along with your blog address - I'm updating the blog roll.