Friday, 26 June 2009

KAmy time...and the movies

Today has been another great day. Its 9.15pm Eastern Time and I still have 7 points left. I'm worried about that as I think I do better at this when I eat all my points. I'm going to try to listen to my body though and see how hungry I feel.

Today my wonderful friend Amy took my hubby out shopping for my up coming birthday. So sweet of her as hubby doesn't drive.

Here we are together, just a few weeks ago. We combined, are KAmy. Just like Brangelina! We have a lot of fun together. She is an awesome friend I will be sad to leave here in the USA when we move back.

So I was chilling for a couple of hours and was all dressed in workout clothes ready to try my "Dancing with the Stars" (aka strictly come dancing dvd.) But they arrived back literally as I was hitting the play button! But I still managed to do it!

I did make the mistake of doing it hungry, but I managed 20 minutes of trying the different styles of dance, such as the paso doble and the jive. It was fun. I think I may have to hit the gym to tho to make sure I'm getting enough cardio. Considering we have a little gym in our apartment complex about a 1 minute walk away I have no excuse.

So Amy and I decided to go to the movies, to see 'My Sister's Keeper' - a book I have read twice as it is by my favourite author, Jodi Picoult. I feel like (although it has only been two days) that this was my first big challenge.

I always take or buy something to munch on, or get popcorn. Not today. I could have easily resumed my old mentality of 'well it's just one time' and use the cinema trip as a reason to eat junk. Not this time. I took a little bag of grapes. Yep grapes. I did buy a diet coke and also an iced fruit bar (iced lolly) which was 1.5 points and make with real strawberries. It tasted so good.

I felt like this was a show of how dedicated I am. I feel better inside and out and it has barely been 3 days.

Ok, onto weigh in. I've been hopping on and off the scales out of routine. Tomorrow morning I will weigh officially. I weighed myself after the beach trip this past weekend.

The results were 237lbs or 16st 9.

I will use this as my start weight. It's hurting me becasue a couple of months ago I got down to 220lbs and 15st 7.

From now on I will weigh on Friday or Saturday morning.


I would like to lose 82lbs, to make me 11 stone 1. I worked that out over a year to be 1.5lbs a week. Maybe, just maybe it is doable. Or close to do able.

I want and need to be a healthy BMI/Weight for my height as above.

This time next year I want to be wearing a bikini on the beach.

I have to begin with my 10% goal. This will be 23lbs loss. or 1 stone 9lbs (edited as I made a mistake the first time)

I hope I can get there. I'm damn well gonna try. And truthfully, I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

What a long post! I've got a few things to say...

Please try to eat all of your points, I know you had 7 left but try to only have 4 left and save those for another day. People honestly do lose more by eating them all.

I like your KAmy thing, quite funny. What did you think of the film? I quite fancy going to see it.

Is there a reason why you will weigh on a Friday or a Saturday? You will do better if you have one exact WI day and time as then your points week will run properly.

23lb is 1 stone 9 pounds so not as bad as you thought! (unless I understand you wrongly).

Anyways, good luck as I've just left you the longest comment in the world!

Kit said...

Bryher, I did eat more points I only saved 1.5.

The film was fine, enjoyable but a lot is missed out from the book. I did enjoy it though.

The only reason I said Friday or Saturday is based around my parents arrival. I guess I will have to pick one!

Yes you are right about the incorrect 10% goal.