Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A whole lotta milkshake...

Wow. today was out and about with a friend and he bought me a peach milkshake from chick - fil - a. For you Brits its like a chicken version of burger king. It was so yummy and had huge chunks of peach in it. I just looked up the calories to work out the points.

Cal 850
Sat Fat 13
Points. 15.5.

Oh. My Goodness.

This has shown me why I have not been losing weight lately. I tend to pick things and not realise just how high the points are. I have also eaten special K today making a total of 18.5 points on those two things. I feel like an idiot. A big idiot. And a depressed one. I'm an expert at being depressed about my weight.

The beach was a lot of fun and yes we did eat out the whole weekend which I'm sure was not good. I have been too lazy to go get groceries but I must must go today. I am going to throw on my dance workout dvd and then shower and go.

Also there are too many pop tarts in this house. And they are 6 points for two. Maybe I should just eat one in the future for a treat. 3 points is not so bad for a treat.

Here I am at the beach.

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PicklesandPlums said...

WOW thats a whole lotta points there, i mean who would think a milk shake would have that many calories...