Saturday, 27 June 2009

Weigh in 1 and an Early Morning Wake Up Call!

Ok weigh in 1. It isn't really 1 but it is for this new hope that I can get somewhere.

Start Weight 237lbs BMI 38.2

Weigh in 1 June 27th 234.2lbs BMI 37.8 loss 2.8lbs

I am more than happy with this result. I have only really been back on track 3 days. It's encouraging to see my body is responding to it already.

I had a heart to heart with my friend Amy about losing weight. She agreed to be my motivator. I trust her as she lost 60lb plus of her own and she now loves to work out. We arranged to go to a nearby park to workout this morning at 9am.

We were mostly power walking, we did 4 laps of the lake or about 2 miles, taking about 30 minutes.

This is the lake we went to, photo by me of course!

It is sweltering hot here, like in the 90s even at 9am. I did struggle with that. It was also a very bright day. I still haven't shaken my headache from the sun.

Also kind of odd, the insides of my two biggest toes were rubbing together, leaving blisters inbetween my toes. Amy wants to do this every day except Sundays. She is much fitter than I am but we will see how it goes. I need to start slow and build it up or I will crash and burn!

I'm worried tonight. We have a cookout to go to with work people. I will have to be very careful as i know there will be hot dogs and snacks. I'm going to at least make sure I don't go there hungry.

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